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Representing a shift in tool organization, the HXGON Allen Wrench Holder offers a solution that intelligently considers the needs of the user. This holder is equipped with a well-thought-out slide system, designed to simplify the user’s access and usage of tools. Its unique design permits single-handed unlocking, saving the user time and effort. This allows for the selection of individual tools without disturbing the rest, enhancing convenience and efficiency. In addition, the holder’s modular sliders provide an adaptable setup for a wide range of tools. From hex keys to Torx, in varied sizes, it is designed to accommodate an assortment of tools that the user might need. With its thoughtful design and functional features, the HXGON Allen Wrench Holder is a practical solution tailored to meet the diverse tool organization needs of the user.

HXGON Allen Wrench Holder Perspective
HXGON Allen Wrench Holder Sideview Unlocked

Compact. Handy. Smart.

To better assist users in their daily work, we’ve identified a number of essential features. The HXGON Allen Wrench Holder is designed to be compact, easily organized, and safe. The tools are secured in one direction, ensuring that individual heads do not protrude. Storage flexibility was another key consideration, making the holder equally functional in a workshop or at a Point of Sale (POS). The cutout at the top facilitates wall storage of the holder. Additionally, this cutout cleverly frames the “OPEN” inscription when the holder is in the open state.

Pick Each Tool Individually

The final, yet most crucial aspects were ensuring easy access to the tools and facilitating the individual removal of the Allen wrenches. By sliding down the side that faces the user, the Allen wrenches are released. It then becomes possible to angle them for extraction from their secured position. This feature not only prevents unintentional removal but also ensures the wrenches don’t accidentally fall out of the holder. Once unlocked, the wrenches can be individually removed. When the holder is open, an icon becomes visible in the upper left corner, indicating the action required to re-lock the Allen wrench holder.

HXGON Allen Wrench Holder Locked Unlocked
HXGON Allen Wrench Holder Torx Hex

Modular Sliders

The product’s sliders are modular, allowing them to be replaced with others that can accommodate different types of tools. The inscription “HKH-9” in the upper corner identifies the product type, which is part of the Hex Key Holder series. The sizes of individual tools are clearly indicated on the front, allowing for the flexibility to house different sets of hex keys and Torx wrenches in a variety of sizes as needed.

Size Doesn‘t Matter

Whether you’re in need of a ball-end hex key or perhaps robust Allen wrenches with elongated heads, the design of the HXGON Allen Wrench Holder accommodates various lengths and sizes. It is designed to hold sets that include hex keys, ball-end Allen wrenches, and Torx wrenches with sizes ranging from 2-10 mm.

HXGON Allen Wrench Holder Platfrom


Our Design Process with HXGON

HXGON Allen Wrench Holder Designprocess

We Design for People

To ensure the product reaches its customers, we begin by defining its purpose and intended application. Conducting a thorough usage analysis is crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of both the product and its end users, enabling us to identify potential opportunities and challenges. We constantly ask ourselves which areas hold potential or may pose obstacles in each project. Developing a use cycle assists us in finding answers. We start from scratch, analyze the core of the problem, and strive to create something novel and enhanced.

Use Cycle: a step-by-step process on how to use the HXGON Allen Wrench Holder

HXGON Allen Wrench Holder Use Cycle


Everything starts with an idea

Once we have established a foundation and defined our objective, we begin the process of collecting our ideas. Post-its prove to be an excellent tool not only for brainstorming but also for structuring and organizing our thoughts. Our primary focus was on designing straightforward mechanisms to unlock the Allen wrenches and enable their individual removal. Additionally, storage and modularity played a pivotal role in the subsequent design process.

Allen Wrench Holder Conception Design

Test | Improve | Repeat

People ignore design that ignores people” – Frank Chimero


In order to ensure that our design fulfills its purpose, we have created and tested various prototypes. This iterative process is aimed at optimizing the product. With each iteration, we gain new insights that allow us to improve the ergonomics, mechanisms, and feasibility, ultimately ensuring a successful outcome. Our 3D printer enables us to develop prototypes quickly and efficiently.

Allen Wrench Holder Prototypen

Time for Aesthetics

The crucial step is to initially define the functions. Following that, we delve into the appearance and aesthetics of the product. Brand identity plays a significant role in the design process. Additionally, it is essential for the product to align with customer desires. In order to identify and design accordingly, we create mood boards that reflect the preferences of the target audience. Form also serves a function, an emotional one.

Allen Wrench Holder Design Ideation
Allen Wrench Holder Design Ideation Wacom
Allen Wrench Holder Design Skatches

Market Implementation

Entwurfreich accompanies our customers until their final product release. We offer valuable insights during the final prototyping and production stages, reviewing the outcomes and suggesting alternative solutions. Furthermore, we assist our customers in implementing the product in the market.

Allen Wrench Holder Design Rendering Keyshot