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Scott Sports/ Product Manager

Scott Sports

The zoom:in newsletter clearly presents current trends and developments in form, material and color composition.


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VECTRON Systems / Head of Purchase


An enrichment for the design horizon.


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BRITAX RÖMER / Manager Design Center

britax roemer

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Show Them You Care – How Empathetic Design Creates Power Users
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About Empathetic Design.   Confidence is a strange thing. For some, their confidence can seem abundant while others wait timidly on the sideline. But one thing I’ve seen a few times over: the more confident a product makes the user, the more likely that product – and everything tied to it – will succeed.   …

Changing The Way Your Organization Talks About Minimalism.
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Minimalism has a sexy appeal that some people find irresistable. You might conjure up ideas of something that is sleek and spartan, something streamlined and highly efficient. Pop culture had a small love affair with minimalism – with the rise of personalities like The Minimalists and Marie Kondo – who spoke of the idea: Better…

What To Talk About When Talking About “Sustainable Design.”
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It’s more than just a catchphrase. It’s not hard for a company to slap the word “sustainable” on the side of their product in an effort to appeal to those who are concerned with what they are consuming or the span of their carbon footprint. In a world that is struggling with resource management and…