Trendreport ZOOM-IN Caravan Salon 2018

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Many thanks to our subscribers for the incredible positive feedback we received for our latest edition of the ZOOM-IN trendreport (Eurobike 2018). In the most recent release, we took a closer look at the innovations and design trends of the camping world – in short: we visited the Caravan Salon 2018.


Be up-to-date and have a look at our popular interviews with key people from the camping sector, such as:

  • Erna Povh & Matjaz Grm from ADRIA
  • Stefan Diehl from Knaus Tabbert
  • Ingo Host from KULBA
  • Armin Heun from Airstream / Roka

Due to the high demand from abroad, this will probably be the last German edition. From the upcoming report about the Dutch Design Week 2018 on, the ZOOM-IN Trend Report will be delivered in English!


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