Welcoming our new intern: Eunji Kim

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As the newest addition to our squad, we are pleased to welcome Eunji Kim. Eunji studies Industrial Design at the University of Illinois and has already gained experience in various companies such as swiftcreatives in Denmark.
She will accompany us in exciting projects next summer and make a valuable contribution with her creative and fresh mindset.


INTERVIEW with Eunji:


Can you tell us about yourself and what you do here at ENTWURFREICH?

Hello! My name’s Eunji a.k.a. Angie Kim. I study industrial design in the States and got a position here at Entwurfreich to work as an industrial design intern during the summer.


Which three hashtags describe you best?

#cheerful #industrialdesigner #girlonfire


Why did you apply to work at ENTWURFREICH?

First of all, I am glad that I finally got to work here —I was rejected three years ago! 🙂 I really like German design, and I love living the life of a traveler, so it is ideal to work for Entwurfreich as an intern during my summer vacation in beautiful Düsseldorf!


What did you do before?

I am trying to gain multicultural design experience as this differs a lot from country to country. I studied design in Korea, Germany and USA. And I have worked in Korea and Denmark.


What was the worst job you’ve ever had?

As long as I learn a lot, I am happy and so I haven’t had the “worst” job yet.


What can you bring to the job that others can’t?

I can bring different perspectives, different skillsets.


Are you a whirlwind, or do you control the chaos?

I am a whirlwind by myself — I have been lucky to survive in this world till now!


Coffee or tea?

I am very whimsical — sometimes tea and sometimes coffee 🙂


Industrial design or product design?

Industrial design!


What is your personal mission at ENTWURFREICH?

I get to learn a lot of different processes and software compared to my previous experience in other countries, so I want to learn a more integrated approach to design. Above all, I’d like to learn the professional mindset!


Who would you recommend taking a job in the creative industry to?

Anyone who likes having a lot of fun!


Who does one just have to follow on Instagram?

Danish architect @bjarkeingels