Innovation in surgical illumination

APOLLO is a concept that uses laser technology in surgical illumination. After the periods of halogen and LED-Systems, the modularly structured APOLLO inherits a substantially higher system efficiency. This is due to laser technology, which provides luminous efficiency of 170 lumen/watt while LEDs only come up with 100 lumen/watt. Through this advantage in efficiency APOLLO has more compact dimensions and can be used more flexible and efficiently.


Due to its basic module APOLLO can be produced in arrangements of up to four elements. This provides enough flexibility to meet the requirements of every illumination scenario in a surgical context. Also APOLLO’s appearance makes a positive impression on the staff as well as the patient.


APOLLO has built in sensors, so it can adapt to every lighting situation. This is achieved by separately aligning and dimming the light fixtures according to the position and distance of the surgical field. Surgeons don’t have to manually correct the lighting situation throughout the surgery and can focus on their tasks without any interruptions. APOLLO’s light intensity is adjustable and so this scenario applies to both, microinvasive as well as traditional surgery.

A service bar on the upside slides out for maintenance and provides easy access to the laser units. Laser diodes have a service cycle of 90.000 hours in comparison to the 60.000 hours of LED technology.

Long maintenance cycles, higher flexibility as well as a friendly yet precise appearance make APOLLO an ideal solution for the operation room of the future.

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