Professional hair care

The professional hair care line of Cafriko consists of 3 separate products. Shampoo, conditioner and hair oil are skillfully attracting attention by pure and contrasting design elements and convey highest value and special exclusivity. In the application, their appearance as lying pebbles underscores the wellness and spa nature of this product line.


Cafriko’s target group finds itself in the female share of the liberal-intellectual sinus milieus. They insist of exclusivity and are characterized by post-material values, professional success and ecological awareness. High level of commitment and little leisure time are defining features of this target group.

At the POS, the final shape of the product is emphasized by a high-quality package which catches the interest of the consumers. This takes on elements from the actual product design itself and distinguishes from its competitors by setting contrast between recycled paper, silver-colored accents and large areas of color. After removing the packaging, the stacked products appear like superposed hot stones, which are used frequently in the context of SPAs.


Cafriko combines professional hair care, consisting of shampoo, hairoil and conditioner, through timeless and iconic design. After an exhausting week, this hair care line is just the right thing to cater for relaxation and to meet the expectations and needs of a successful woman.

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